What kind of church is The Journey?

What kind of Church is The Journey?

The Journey’s name refers to the path each of us walks with God. When you begin to seek God, you begin a tremendous journey of faith seeking a powerfully loving God. Each journey is filled with excitement. Of course there are challenges, but Christ gives us the power & courage to press on. We rely on the love of Jesus Christ and our faith in Him to guide us safely & securely to our destination. He alone gives us the only destination worth journeying to!
We believe that everyone is on a spiritual journey. People deeply desire to walk with God. They attempt to pursue this either in the church or outside the church, but, make no mistake about it, this is a world where people are on spiritual journeys.
At The Journey Church we recognize that all people are at different places on their journey. And we want people to feel comfortable whether they are committed to the Lord, or whether they are searching for answers. Either way, the journey with God is something to be celebrated.
Furthermore, we believe that the journey through life is more exciting when you are traveling with Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord. Faith in Jesus Christ gives the journey eternal significance. When you experience the forgiveness that Jesus gives and begin to walk with Him, you will find rich, exciting, purpose-filled life.